Torus Attractor

By: R.C.L.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

torus.gifWith the Torus Attractor there is complex cycling which moves forward and so is different while it repeats itself. Its home is the third dimension of the solid, a collection of an infinite number of planes. With the Torus Attractor there is a high degree of irregularity and complexity in the pattern, particularly when compared to the Circuit or Point attractors. But unlike the Strange attractor, predictions can still be made, the pattern is fixed and finite. Mathematically the Torus is depicted in the shape of a large donut or bagel as shown above. It is made up of a spiraling circle on many planes which may, or may not, eventually hook up with itself after completing one or more full revolutions. Its analogy in consciousness is the sensing function. The complexity of sensations and sensuality.

torus1.gifAn example of the Torus attractor at work would be a more complex set of attracting events which occur to a person on many levels over a course of a year, and repeat again, year in and year out. For example, a desire to golf each summer, hike each fall, and eat and drink too much on holidays. In Nature it is shown for instance by the complex interaction of a number of interdependent species: the population of one predator species relates to that of the prey of its prey. For example, the size of the insect population effects the size of the frog population, which effects the size of one of their predators, the trout, which in turn effects their predators, the pike. Unfortunately, most humans are also subject to the complex but predictable influences of the Torus attractor, or the even more simplistic influences of the Cycle or Point attractor.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

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