Strange Attractor

By: R.C.L.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

strange.gifWe need to escape from the deterministic influence of the point, circuit and torus attractors into the unpredictability of the Strange Attractor. This attractor is the basis of Self Organization. There is no apparent order at all to the actions of the Strange attractor. On the surface it appears to be pure Chaos, but nevertheless there is order of a subtle kind which only appears over time when looked at in the right perspective. Its analogy in consciousness is the willing function. Yet, when tied to Awareness - the Zero - it is spontaneous, unpredictable. It appears to be chaotic, yet it has order of a subtle, fractal kind.

curves.JPGThe Strange Attractor can take an infinite number of different forms. All of them are fractal and demonstrate infinite self similarity. The best known fractal driven by the unpredictable Zero - the Strange Attractor - is called the Mandelbrot Set. It is shown in static and zoom magnification form all over these webs. Another is the Lorenz Fractal shown above. Still another important Strange Attractor that appears in odd places throughout Nature is called the Feigenbaum fractal. It is shown with one recursive self similarity pointed out.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

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