Point Attractor

By: R.C.L.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

point.gifThe Point attractor is the simplest way to bring order out of chaos. Its home is the first dimension of the line, a collection of an infinite number of points. With the Point attractor in play a person is invariably drawn to one particular activity, or repelled from another, like the positive or negative poles of electromagnetic energy. There is also sometimes a point just in between attraction and repulsion, the saddle point, when the energies are in balance, just before one force becomes stronger than the other. With the Point attractor there is typically a fixation on one desire, or revulsion, and all else is put aside until it is satisfied or destroyed. With the positive attraction force all roads seem to lead to the same destination; with the negative repelling, all lead from the same place. A positive magnet drawn to negative, a pendulum slowing down with friction and air resistance, or more graphically, a young male dog around a bitch in heat, all demonstrate the workings of the point attractor. It is a black-white, good-bad, single minded attractor, except in the rare instances of the saddle point. Its analogy in consciousness is the feeling function, with its likes and dislikes.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

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