Cycle Attractor

By: R.C.L.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

cycle.gifWith the Cycle attractor a person is drawn first to one thing and then to another, like a circling magnet, first attracting, then repelling, then attracting again. Its home is the second dimension of the plane, a collection of an infinite number of lines. Under this Attractor you cycle back and forth from a set of two or more activities. Although not as simple and direct as the Point attractor, there is still regularity and simplicity to the cyclic events. An example is a desire to sleep at the end of a day, which when gratified naturally leads to a desire for activity at the beginning of a new day, followed much later by a desire to sleep again, etc. In Nature it can be seen in many ways; for instance, the predator prey systems where the respective predator prey populations cycle up and down in relation to the other.

The Cycle attractor is more complex than the simple attraction or repulsion type Point attractor. Its analogy in consciousness is the thinking function. Like objective thinking the Cycle attractor recognizes both sides and tends to include a third; for example, the synthesis coming out of the thesis and anti-thesis.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

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