The Four Chaos Attractors

By: R.C.L.

The four forces in the Universe which bring order out of chaos.

The Science of Chaos has discovered four basic Cosmos Attractors:

Point Attractor | Cycle Attractor | Torus Attractor | Strange Attractor

four-2.gifAlthough known as the four "chaos attractors," they are really the opposite - they are Cosmos Attractors that balance chaos. The four "Attractors" bring order out of Chaos. They are part of a basic law of four - a "fractal of four." The Universe has a fundamental pattern of fourfoldness throughout all scales of magnitude. When applied to Nature, including Man, the Law of Four manifests as the four attractors. These attractors balance entropy, providing order from out of chaos. When applied in the microcosmic level "the four" manifests as the four basic energies or forces: electro-magnetic, gravity, and the strong and weak forces. In human consciousness its the four functions of sensing, thinking, feeling and willing. Understanding how the Attractors work in the meso-cosmic world can help us make sense of our world, and make sense of our consciousness functions.

Everywhere we see a hidden order and similarity over scales, such as is that shown geometrically by the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. This hidden order is based on one of the four Attractors, the Strange Attractor. It governs the fourth dimension of space-time reality. The other three attractors, which likewise bring hidden order out of Chaos, follow the first, second and third dimensions, the line, plane and solid. They are called the Point Attractor, the Circuit (or sometimes Cycle) Attractor and the Torus Attractor. As humans living in the fourth dimension we are at our best when we avoid their influences and follow the spontaneity and freedom of the Strange Attractor. Only in this way can we live autonomously in the moment, in tune with what the Chinese call the Tao, the Way, the flow of forces in the fourth dimension.

The four attractors act on all levels of reality to form Cosmos out of Chaos. They make up a newly discovered Wisdom Law fundamental to making sense of what is happening in the real world. The world is not really totally ordered as previously believed. It is fundamentally disordered, chaotic, but it contains forces or attractors of cosmos that create patterns of order over time. They are anchors of order in an otherwise stormy sea. Full understanding of the Attractors requires a new understanding of space and time. As to space, we need to understand how space is the original force - in Sanskrit called Brahman, in Chinese Wu Chi, in Peruvian and Japanese Ki - which creates the world through the point. Real insight into this only comes from direct experience of Ki. A new understanding of time entails realization that time is not really defined by the clock, but by intensity and rhythms. In the fields of the four attractors it is time which makes it possible for order to appear from chaos.

In the computer the electric current automatically creates the iteration. With Man it is not so easy, we ourselves have to return to Zero - Awareness - to start a new iteration. Awareness is sacred space (called "Wakan" by the Native American Lakota tribe; "Mana" by the Polynesians) which you connect with as soon as you attain the center of your true Self, called by the Japanese - Hara. Thus the difficulty which many scientists have in understanding Chaos is not mental, but existential. Their consciousness based on the Cycle attractor of analytical thinking refuses the Strange attractor, which means total individual responsibility. They cannot ground themselves in Zero and experience the true meaning of space and time. As they cannot find their inner core - Awareness/God - they can only see Chaos from the outside. They cannot make the jump from knowledge to Wisdom, to inside the black. Without this anchor they lack the experiential insight - and the confidence and Wisdom this brings - needed to live on the edge where great discoveries are made. They only see isolated Cantor sets and miss the pattern which only comes from awareness of the whole, the Mandelbrot fractal.

The Four Chaos Attractors:

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