Zero Dimension

By: R.C.L.

The Five Dimensions:

zero.gifThe Zero Dimension is the point, the infinitely small place holder. It exists not in space, but in time only. It is the moment between past and future, the subject, zero. It constitutes potentiality, the four space dimensions constitute actuality. The Zero Dimension is the home of Natural Numbers. The subject point, the moment, is Zero, pure Awareness. Its numbers are the natural numerals.

The nine natural numbers are the basis of quality and invariance. All numbers can be reduced to the nine: for example by addition: 365 = 14 = 5. Becoming aware therefore means deducing or abstracting to the nine fundamental criteria. In the Jewish Cabala this is the nine names of the divine, in Chinese it is the nine forms of the Tao.

The Five Dimensions:


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