Second Dimension

By: R.C.L.

The Five Dimensions:

plane.gifThe Second Dimension is the PLANE, such as a square. It contains an infinite number of straight lines. In Time, the Second Dimension represents the Present. The trajectory of moments in the First Dimension (Future) appears like a disk or revolution.

disk.gifIn the second dimension we have the Rational numbers, based on three points, visualized on the plane with a vertical and horizontal axis. The number plane was known to the Pythagoreans and called the Chi:

rational.gifRational numbers are produced by division in the positive field and multiplication in the negative field. Zero is the center of the CHI, which for Pythagoras and Plato was the tool of the Demiurge, the Creator. The fields contain only the fractions and products inside the ten numbers. Division is the basis of thinking, multiplication the synergy of the soul.

The Five Dimensions:


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