Fourth Dimension

By: R.C.L.

The Five Dimensions:

wave.gifThe Fourth Dimension, space-time continuum, is reality. In the fourth dimension the infinite number of solids in the Universe are in relationship with each other through time and energy. In the Time domain, the Fourth Dimension continues the movement of the Third Dimension (Past) to form a wave, constituting fractally the space-time continuum.

hyper.gifTHE HYPERCUBE The Fourth Dimension is portrayed geometrically by fractals and by the Hypercube. The Hypercube is the symbol used in mathematics to try and represent the fourth dimension in two dimensions (a drawing on a piece of paper - a plane).

From the center of the Hypercube through its 8 diagonals the Hypercube is related to everything in the Universe. The infinity in the Fourth Dimension lies in the infinity of relations. This can be expressed in terms of "fractal scaling", from the infinite small to the infinite big, perpendicular to the other dimensions and including the intervals or fractal dimensions between them. The meaning of fractal scaling is explained later in this Chapter, for now it is sufficient to understand this as scales of magnitude, as for instance from the size of the atom to the size of a galaxy. The Hypercube is cut by 4 diagonals constituting the central point. In consciousness this center point represents the identity or the Self. The number of the diagonals is 4 X 3 = 9, according to the Pythagorean theorem. The four diagonals are 1-5, 2-6, 3-7 and 4-0.

                                The Four Diagonals:

                           1-5    Matter

                           2-6    Consciousness

                           3-7    Energy

                           4-0    Self-Organization

Hyper3.GIFThe fourth dimension is the home of the Complex numbers and Fractal geometry. Unlike the other dimensions, the fourth is the real world in which we live. It is the space time continuum of Man and Nature where there is constant change based on feedback. As Mandelbrot recently discovered the fourth dimension includes not only the first three dimensions, but also the gaps or intervals between them, the fractal dimensions.

The Five Dimensions:


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