The Five Dimensions

By: R.C.L.

Zero Dimension, First Dimension, Second Dimension, Third Dimension, Fourth Dimention

circle.gifNumber is composed of the nine numerals, basic to all information, uniting geometry and arithmetic, space and time. Their reciprocal relation is clarified through the circle of 5 dimensions, based on the relation of infinity to one. The circle of dimensions summarizes the laws of number and mathematics. The eight points shown on the dimension circle (0 - 7) correspond to the eight directions on the outside of the Wheel, an important Wisdom of the Native Americans.

Including the zero dimension there are five dimensions: 0 - 4. The zero, first second and third dimensions have long been accepted as true, but the reality of the fourth dimension was questioned. Since Einstein, however, the existence of the fourth dimension is now an accepted fact and the first, second and third dimensions are now understood as imaginary. We live only in the fourth dimension, but in order to understand our dimension, our reality, we must also understand each of the other dimensions. Moreover we must realize how infinity permeates each dimension, including the fourth. So we begin our exploration of Number as a Wisdom tool by understanding the dimensions and their relation to the infinite.

The Five Dimensions:


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